How to Change WordPress Posts to Excerpts

WordPress provides a way to write an excerpt for your post that is displayed as a summary of the post on the front page and in archive pages. It can also be used for your RSS feeds when you enable that option.

If you want to write that excerpt you have the ability to use the excerpt section, located below the upload section on the post editing page. To help with that process WordPress gives you a “MORE” button which allows you to place a magical “MORE” tag (! –) anywhere in your post content. When you do this all the content before the tag is regarded as a excerpt.

If you would like to skip this repetitive task and have the ability to just use a WordPress plug-in that does this automatically for you, then you’re in luck. All you have to do is go to the “Add New” tab under Plug-ins, then in the search box type in the word Evermore.

Evermore is a plug-in that automatically displays short previews of your posts on your homepage with a link to the full post. Evermore is simple to use after you install it. It’ll start working right away. You also have the ability to customize the length and appearance of the previews.

Depending on your WordPress theme the excerpt will appear on the homepage archive and the category pages. The excerpt will be just the first paragraph of your post, unless the paragraph is short. Then the preview will include a second paragraph also, you will be able to adjust How Evermore works by clicking on the options page.

All of this is done without changing any of the formatting or HTML tags in your post preview and if you want to stop evermore from making a excerpt preview for a certain post. Just use the “MORE” Tab under the HTML tab anywhere in the post. No one will see the word, but Evermore will and it will display the full post rather than just a preview. Also if you would like to download Evermore on your own and install it later you can just click on Evermore plugin.

If you’re setting up a blog and you’d like to have excerpts instead of full displays that run on down the whole page making it difficult to find a different post. I think you will find this information useful if you think someone else can benefit from this information, please Tweet it also don’t forget to follow my blog so you don’t miss any of the information that I have to share.

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