How Can You Develop a Good Tagline

At first, you might think that there is no real  formula or technique in developing a tag line, but a tagline is a very important line of copy that can greatly  impact your blog or website.  A tagline is a essential part of network marketing information that captures the very essence of the brand that you are marketing, influencing and motivating your target audience to look closer.

Taglines are usually integrated into or positioned very close to the logo or title.  It could even be considered the equivalent of the logo or title. Taglines can also greatly influence your search engine optimization, helping you to position your site higher on search engine page ranking.

If you want to develop a good tagline you need more than just an inspiration it takes strategy, three points to remember are:

  • 1. Make it easy to remember, you want the words to stick in the readers mind. Llike when someone was considering refinancing their home they would remember, “No One Can Do What Countrywide Can”
  • 2. Point out a key benefit, it doesn’t have to detail the benefits directly, but it should at least imply one like “no one can do”
  • 3. Highlight a difference from competitors, show how your company or product stands out from the competition by defining your USP (unique selling proposition)

Your USP is:

  • 1. A message that details specific benefits
  • 2. The proposition that contains benefits the competition doesn’t offer
  • 3. A proposition that will motivate more than just the low hanging fruit of your targeted audience, capturing even a passerby

Even though a tagline might be creative or clever to be successful it needs to follow the basic rules of good copy writing. It must gain attention, focus on benefits, and set you apart from the competition.

Remember, before you write a tagline for your blog or website  look at your USP, think about the benefits, advantages, target audience, and what makes you different. Get a list of keywords that are related to your niche, ones that boosts your SEO. Play with the words move them around look for tagline phrases that grab your eye. After you develop Five or six phrases ask friends to give you an opinion as to one or two that they think are the best and most attractive. After narrowing down your options consider which one is easier to say, and which sticks in your mind.  Then you will have a tagline that will benefit you for the rest of time!

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