Don’t Let Excuses Stop You !!

What do you do when a barrier comes up does your subconscious kick in offering up excuses?

Excuses like:

  • I just don’t have the right contacts.
  • I’m just not outgoing enough.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I’m too old.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I’m dirt poor.

These kinds of negative assumptions affect your mindset. You are what you believe you are, this is what is called the prison of perception.

This kind of subconscious thinking poisons the entrepreneurial mindset, infecting your ability to believe in yourself. Blinding your vision to where you need to go and what you need to do, excuses are like a prison of the mind where you’ve locked yourself up and thrown away the key.

Why do we do this to ourselves every day?

It’s a prison of perception made up by false ideas that we or someone else as placed there over a lifetime. This negativity sits inside the mind (where really anything is possible) and weighs it down to the point that it dictates what we think our potential is and what the outcome will be.

Then every time something negative happens. It just reinforces The Power of Making Excuses.

It is possible to change this mindset, but it takes time and energy. It’s a struggle that will last your entire life, because we are constantly being bombarded by negative thinking by most people around us.

One of the first things that we need to do to break down the prison walls of excuses is to believe that you deserve to be a wealthy entrepreneur, don’t just say you want it, believe you deserve it.

How do you make yourself believe you are an entrepreneur?

Start visualizing it. Start collecting pictures of things you want, imagine yourself using them. Start spending time focusing your mind on where you want to be, as you do, you will find yourself moving in that direction.

Innovation and creativity aren’t found in mundane daily activities they are created in the mind by visualizing. Then as you visualize it then it comes to life. When someone becomes an entrepreneur it’s because they have already been there visualizing every step of the way.

So don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts that only grow excuses. Visualize a positive future, and then follow your dream without the negative roadblocks called excuses. Don’t ever think its better not to dream.

When you develop the entrepreneurial mindset keep in mind, The only way to make money is to provide something a product or service that brings real value to people’s lives. Think of how you can take the challenges in life and make it faster, more efficient, or even more fun for people, develop multiple sources of income through multiple services.

You can start doing this right now For FREE  with the step by step Video found here remember ITS 100% FREE It has several streams of affiliate programs that you can become successful in right now. Don’t let the excuses of your mind stop you from being successful. Visualize the road ahead, do something today.

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6 Replies to “Don’t Let Excuses Stop You !!”

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  2. Right on, man. People need to focus on solutions, not reasons why they can’t do something. If you can’t go through the wall, go around it, or over it, or get someone to help you, or find some other way to get what you want. There is always a way.

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