Essential network marketing information it takes to be a Professional!!

Many people have made a small amount of money in network marketing, yet only small numbers have made massive amounts of money. Really to make substantial money in network marketing it takes skill. You have to be more than just a distributor or an associate; you need to be a Professional, you must find the source of absolutely the very BEST education in Network Marketing Information

The definition of a professional is:

A professional is a member of a vocation founded upon specialized educational training.

The word professional traditionally means a person who has obtained a degree in a professional field. The term professional is used more generally to denote a white collar working person, or a person who performs commercially in a field typically reserved for hobbyists or amateurs.

In the United States, the term commonly describes highly educated, mostly salaried workers, who enjoy considerable work autonomy, economic security, a comfortable salary, and are commonly engaged in creative and intellectually challenging work. Less technically, it may also refer to a person having impressive competence in a particular activity

So can you become a professional?

Absolutely, even though this is the spot where most people fail, most people think to be a network marketing professional means going out and recruiting people. Not promoting a product, when you look at other professionals do they focus on recruiting people NO!!! They focus on generating a trusted customer base by ever-increasing their own personal value.

When you focus on growing a customer base that sees the value you offer as a professional, then you will generate income. This personal value really is the key to becoming a network marketing professional. To develop personal value education is a must, if you educate yourself you will be able to provide 1000% return on that education.

Every day, hundreds of people are asking the question:

How do I get started in network marketing?

Really it is easy to get started. Look for a Company that provides products or services that are unique. One that teaches you how to add value! Seth Goden put it this way “you need A Purple Cow or soft innovation” of course this is only important if you want and return customers!

Look for a Company with a replicated website the Internet has made storefronts obsolete, really customers are just a click away if they’re ordering online, and many people are shopping and doing their research online right now.

The old-school way of signing up friends and family has become obsolete, just like everyone else  they are looking for real value!

So where you can find the network marketing information that’s going to bring you success, believe it or not, companies that you sign up with, and your upline are great places to start getting education to build personal value, remember education should be your main priority to become a Professional Network MarketerTRY IT NOW FOR FREE!!.

Responsibility for success or failure lies solely on you.

So how are you going to become successful?

It takes determination, commitment with constant action, self-discipline, and some money. If you have these things you will be able to build and market your business. And again to do this you’re going to need the right network marketing information. This is extremely important to your future success.

You must take this seriously. So you can make the lifestyle change that you need to become a true network marketing professional

Let’s face it everyone wants to get something for nothing we are all lazy to some extent. We want to find people to do the marketing for us while we sit back and collect the money but if we have this mindset we are just setting ourselves up for failure.

Remember, if you want to be your own boss and you better show up for work.

What tools do you need to Internet network marketing professional?

Just like any other network marketing the most important tool for network marketing online is education. Most people think that if they set up a website, business will start rolling in, the thing is most people have never done this before so they don’t even know where to start.

Really to be a successful Internet network marketer, you need to understand:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Copywriting, article writing
  3. Content creation
  4. Follow-up
  5. Leadership
  6. Keyword research
  7. Tagline creation
  8. E-mail marketing
  9. Blog posting

If you’re interested in being successful as a network marketing professional you need Education and a Mentor someone who can assist you every step of the way. No one has ever become leader without a leader to lead them along the way.

If you lay a proper foundation for your business with the right education, tools and a TrueMentor it will pay you big dividends later and you will become a successful network marketing professional putting you ahead of 97% of other people. But it’s crucial to find the right network marketing Coach.

As you search the Internet today you can see that everyone is calling themselves a Guru or a Coach, but just saying you are doesn’t really mean you are!

99% of the coaches out there can’t even answer simple questions like:

  • How can I overcome self-doubt?
  • How can I relate to prospects?
  • How do I get in front to prospects?
  • How can I follow up on contacts that I generate?
  • How do I setup a blog?
  • What is search engine optimization?
  • What is a blog?

Really these questions are quite simple to answer. They are central to any Internet network marketing business.

So why can’t most so-called Gurus and Coaches answer them?

Because they never obtained real education and coaching on network marketing information themselves so how can they teach others!!

I remember when I first started out, I joined a company then I turned to my upline for education because I wanted to become a network marketing professional. Yet all they would say is, just go out and recruit people or just invite them to the backroom at the motel, where we will have a seminar to demonstrate the product and do all the teaching for you.

Or you can just post a replicated website and people will be streaming to you wanting to join and don’t worry because the company will do the rest.

Then after a few months I realized that my upline didn’t know any more about marketing than I did they were only interested in signing up representatives and not educating them.

I realized that I needed to do something more. I needed to find someone that could answer my questions and assist me. I needed to find the secret that only the top producers knew the hidden gems that would unlock the network marketing industry for me.

So I started searching for somebody that could coach and educate me on network marketing. A person that was knowledgeable, that would help and guide me, showing me what I was doing wrong, I need a true MENTOR.

I was looking for someone that was passionate about helping people, helping them to create. Someone that would let me hold them accountable and keep me focused on achieving my goal.

Someone that would show me where I could find the resources needed to achieve my goals so that I could set myself apart from other network marketers. Someone that wasn’t teaching me how to trick, convince, or hypnotize people into joining my business. I was looking for someone with True Value.

Yet it seemed like all the coaches out there that seemed legitimate, wanted between $200 & $2,000 an hour for their coaching, and I could not afford that kind of money. Then one day while searching the Internet I found what I was looking for a site with a quality network marketing team, training, and tools all available for an insanely inexpensive price.

And it wasn’t just one coach. It was a whole team of coaches over 1000. All of who had been searching just like I was for that network marketing information to become a professional.

Finally, I was learning how to do marketing the way it should be done:

  • Teaching people how to add real value to themselves
  • How to follow-up with e-mail marketing
  • How to set up a blog site
  • How to do search engine optimization
  • The importance of article writing
  • How to become a coach and mentor to others so that when I developed a downline, I could truly offer value to the ones working with me on my team

Really when it comes right down to it, what sets apart the ones that are successful and the ones that fail is having the right network marketing information and coaching!

And you need them both together, because you can read all of the marketing books. Listen to all the marketing audio MP3’s, watch as many videos as you can find, If you don’t have a coach that will walk you through step-by-step, through every part of the process.

You will fail.

Let me ask now, if you found a company that offered:


  • A huge Internet library with videos on every type of Internet marketing strategy
  • Internet copy pages with proven strategies
  • A support group of over 1000 fellow marketers
  • A tracking system to keep track of all of your contacts
  • An auto responder with e-mail campaigns
  • A team to design and set up a blog site
  • All with step-by-step guidance to help you understand the whole process and how it works

Wouldn’t you want to join that company?

If you’re truly interested in becoming a network marketing entrepreneur, and not just a business opportunity seeker then I am here to help remember, If you want to become a true network marketing professional and entrepreneur you need Education, and Coaching you need to keep growing in your understanding of marketing.

You can’t be focusing on getting rich quick. You need toFocus on Building Personal Value and how you can work at your peak performance level, reaching maximum capacity. As you do, money will be the byproduct of the personal value and growth that you build on a daily basis.

You will start to see that the process of being a Network Marketing Entrepreneur is something you love. Not because of the money you are making but because of the value you are giving others. If you don’t have a passion for this business  you will give up as soon as your expectations haven’t been met!

It’s not the amount of money that will drive you. It’s the love and passion for knowledge and growth, and how to make a business work that will drive you to succeed. As you find out what makes you tick and what makes you do the things you do, then you will know, what stops you from operating at your peak potential, and what’s holding you back.

Self-awareness is fundamental in network marketing and Money will be a byproduct of this.

If you want to build a business as a network marketing entrepreneur, then you need to build value in yourself then you will have the ability to pass that value onto others. The only way this is possible is through the network marketing information provided by a true coach and mentor. You can not do this yourself and 98% of the gurus and coaches out there do not have the information that will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

I hope you found this part of Network Marketing Information beneficial for your business if you think it’s something that others can benefit from please tweet my article and subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss any other informative posts that I share.

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  1. Thank you for providing such great value! It’s people like you that make this business worth every penny! I hope you continue to be profitable within your organization, and constantly keep in mind that consistency WILL win the game no matter what. Most persons fail in this business for only 1 reason…and which is they quit too soon. All of the very best. James

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