How Can You Be a New Age, Entrepreneur

The best entrepreneurs already know about establishing themselves within an industry. They also know where people are going and spending their time. Both of these pieces of information are crucial. Something you need to really understand to be a true entrepreneur.

Why has traditional media been declining more and more, and their campaigns performing more poorly, why are big companies pulling out their advertising money from these mediums.

The answer is simple; people don’t trust these forms of marketing any longer

They no longer trust big business, traditional advertising and marketing, people hate being marketed to. It makes them feel like they are just a number like cattle in the slaughtering house. When was the last time you felt comfortable walking through Wal-Mart where the aisles are so narrow you can barely pass by with ads blaring at you at every turn. No one likes that kind of marketing.

So where do people look for the most trusted form of advertising today. Its word-of-mouth people are looking to their peers for information and content they listen to people they trust, the reason, because of the trust that has been built and already established through the close relationship that has already been developed.

This really helps us to understand the human psyche when it comes to business in general. If you want more people to join you, buy from you, exchange money with you then you need to be establishing yourself as a trusted friend and source of information someone they can rely on to get valuable insight.

Now you know what the most successful people are doing to create more business it’s all about the value that you are adding to people’s lives. You need to develop principles that will allow people to trust you, because people are looking for advisors on how they can get what they really want and need they do not want to be sold to.

Gone are the days when salesmen had to educate people on products. You can type anything into Google or any other search engine and find all information you need on a product. And this is information that salesmen never really wanted people to know. When was the last time you had a vacuum cleaner salesman come to your door and try to sell you a $2000 vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work any better than that. $200.00 one no one falls for that anymore.

The old way of selling is dying. This fact applies to business opportunities, purchasing products, even opting in to capture pages, it applies to everything spamming or selling does not work.

Becoming a person of principles is what it means to be a good very good entrepreneur. If you are dripping with principles, it will allow you to have a bandage over 95% of the other people out there trying to succeed in the marketing industry, because most people just don’t get it!!!

Don’t be like the rest don’t say these ideas sound good in a perfect sense. But I’m just not comfortable doing this. I think I will keep doing it the old school way, because you will fail.

Try using the new business model, become a trusted friend to your prospects be the one that delivers the solution to your prospects in a way that is better than anyone else. Be there to help, teach, train, and give real knowledge and value that will make their lives better.

For you to be able to do this though is something that you need to do first for you to be their rescuer and trusted friend. You have to build your value.

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