tips that will boost the relevancy of your site to visitors and search engines

Here’s some important tips that will help you with the essential rules of Web success, helping you to be more visible to the people that visit your site and to the search engines that rank your site.

Limit the amount of multimedia on your site, flash animations and videos that are used just for decorating purposes will not help in the eyes of search engines, because things like flash intros don’t provide indexable content. So if you feel like you need to have an animation, poke yourself with a sharp object. Then ask, what benefit will this provide for my site or visitors the only time you should use any kind of multimedia is if you are actually demonstrating a product or featuring a tutorial that will actually help visitors.

 Instead of a lot of graphics try using text, what search engines like the most is black text on a white background. Lots of text with brief animations or videos, and remember animations with text in them are not visible to search engines. They don’t read text in images. Another drawback to graphic images is that it slows down the load time compared to the time it takes text to load.

Don’t try to be cute or clever. Don’t fill your site with silly name links or use hidden navigations, for example using a big image with tiny hotspots is like taking the address numbers off the houses on a street then asking them to locate a specific person. You’re still able to find that person, but you can only do it by knocking on every door. This technique will not help visitors find their way around and will also hurt your view in the search engines. Make your sites links, plain, not frustrating for users. Don’t make them search for the back door, an open window or the chimney to access information.

 Make it easy to move around, think about how you structure your site, and look at it from the visitor standpoint, think about what they’re searching for and make it easy for them to find. Allow visitors to find their way back to the homepage after visiting another page. Don’t hide links, so it’s hard to find their way back. If you link to another site have it open in a new page so that the original site is still open after they close the referenced site.

 Provides many different routes to the same place, people think differently they aren’t robots. Give them many different options to find what they’re looking for. When you do this you also provide more information for search engines enabling the spiders or bots to navigate through your site easily increasing your page rank.


  • Use a site map: a page with links to different areas on your site. Even if you have a small site link to every page in the site.


  • Provide a table of contents or index page: sort out the page thematically or alphabeticaly


  • Provide navigation bars: play simple, identifiable names on tabs in a navigation bar. You see this format and many sites today.


  • Navigation text links: having little links at the bottom of the page are along the sides helps people find their way around. It also helps the search engines.

 Provide long link text web users like long link text, not just a single word, maybe a phrase or sentence that describes where the link will take them. Studies have proven that long link text makes it much easier for people to find their way around your site. Long links can explain what the page is going to be about out not only for visitors but also for search engines. You can also use your keywords in the links, which tells the search engines what the pages are about, and don’t place your links on image buttons. Because remember the button with the link will provide no readable information for the search engine which will not help your search engine ranking.

 Don’t keep changing your site if you constantly restructure your site. You can possibly break links to other websites, making it harder for visitors and search engines to reach your site. Also if you restructure the pages the indexing might be lost to the search engines, forcing them to start over from the beginning, which could take weeks or months to become reindexed, or of someone has bookmarked a page that link more than likely will be broken.

 Another important factor to having visitors return to your site is keep its good-looking, be careful about your color combinations, The type of font that you use and the colors they contain, Keep backgrounds that are professional, not cute. Don’t use big, grotesque images that look like they were made by a child and try to keep your layouts organized, not cluttered, because no matter how much SEO You implement if your site is ugly, people will not return.

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