How to Cultivate Your Online Network Marketing List!

As you become proficient at Online Network Marketing You will begin to generate a huge list of prospects, and if you’re serious about your network marketing Information list building it will become something that will bring you more and more success over time.


Grow your business by continuing to build your list.

Every contact that you make is a potential customer and the opportunity to build your list, and a good list is extremely important in these tough economic times.

As you build your list you’re building a prequalified target audience that knows you, your products and services. Many times they’ve already developed a relationship with you and possibly bought from you, making them a more qualified source for more sales and new referrals.

E-mail network marketing can be a very effect a tool to generate more income at a fraction of the cost of generating new prospects. So it’s imperative that you stay in close contact with your best customers so that when they’re ready to make a new purchase. They will come to you first.

Another piece of network marketing information is before you get too excited and start blasting out e-mails to all of the leads on your list. You need to keep in mind three points of e-mail etiquette.

1. Make sure you have permission,

From anyone that’s opted into your capture page or opportunity, and given you permission to send them more information. Nowadays, spammers are everywhere and spam filters do a great job of filtering out unwanted e-mail. So you want to make sure that your e-mail is wanted and anticipated by your prospect.

2. Permission tends to deteriorate,

If someone has shared their e-mail with you through your capture page, your website, or just in a conversation at a business meeting. They are expecting to get something from you right away.

Don’t wait weeks or months to send an e-mail. Remember people’s memories are short! Before long they’ll forget who you were and what you are about, and they won’t even open your e-mail or worse, they will unsubscribe deleting themselves from your list. So take a little time and send them a welcome e-mail. Or maybe your most recent post or newsletters keep yourself fresh in their mind.

3. An opt out option,

Remember anytime you start an e-mail campaign. You must give them a unsubscribe option or instructions on how they can be removed from your list, if they do then promptly remove their name from your list. Remember, it’s not just etiquette. It’s the law.

Generating effective e-mails

Now that you understand the proper etiquette for e-mail marketing let’s talk about e-mail content, and what’s important.

Network Marketing E-Mails, Must Have a Familiar Subject Line,

If the subject line isn’t interesting when it’s being previewed in the e-mail list, more than likely it will be deleted many times people will delete an e-mail based just on where that e-mail is coming from, if its not familiar address. They will mark it as spam! So to increase your success, make sure that your name is visible, trustworthy and recognized.

Use an E-Mail Address with Your Name,

Or possibly something that will trigger their emotions so that they will say; I know who this is, this is someone with good content, and I would like to learn more.

In the subject line try to summarize your content describes the content without selling. Try to use 50 characters or less, and don’t use all caps or promotional texts with lots of exclamation marks.

Sometimes you can personalize the e-mail subject line for each individual, but e-mail marketing, statistics say that this does not significantly change the results of prospects opening your e-mail campaigns.

Keep Your E-Mails from the Junk and Spam Folders,


Most people never look at messages, automatically sent to these folders.

Try not to use words in your subject line like free, money, or bonus, and Don’t Use the Cap Lock Key! Many times spam filters will be activated because of HTML in the words that you use in your e-mail.

Build Confidence in the Con Tent of Your E-Mail by Personalizing It,


When you insert a person’s name into the content of e-mail, it increases the read rate by as much as 10%. Personalize the information so that it’s relevant to your prospect, this way the content of your message won’t say I’m a computer-generated spam message. You want a message that says “I know you and I think that this is something that will be of great benefit to you by meeting your needs.”

It’s a good idea to include your name and contact information, such as an e-mail address and phone number. This will also help to personalize the e-mail and build confidence in your prospect,

Remember your network marketing list is like gold. So don’t treat them like a dump by sending them garbage. Make sure that your content is full of value giving your prospects gold that they can benefit from, If you employ these techniques in your marketing campaigns. You will surely be successful.

I hope this is network marketing information that you find beneficial, helping you to be more successful in your business. If you enjoyed this information, please share it with others , and please leave a comment. I enjoy all the feedback that I receive, and if you’re looking for tools and assistance to help you with your business. Please sign up for the eight day boot camp or contact me and I will be happy to help you prosper and grow in your marketing skills.

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