How to Guide for Analyzing Your Network Marketing System!

Are You Burned Out?:

Back when network marketing was extremely popular on social media.  I was trying to network through MLM networking groups. I was getting recognition but it was wearing me out and my financials were falling apart even though I was working hard. Maybe that’s the situation you find yourself in.

The first thing I thought I needed to do was get some qualified help maybe a coach, a mentor. But just as you’ve probably come to realize not all mentors are the same. After thorough search of coaching possibilities I discovered at recession profits I discovered some of the highest quality training on the Internet today and most of it can be obtained FREE of charge.

Here’s a little of the points that I have learned.

Important techniques to measure your networking results, this may be one of the biggest challenges you will face! You could do some high-tech analysis of your interactions, conversions, and sales events (which would result in an extremely large project),which is way more than most entrepreneurs are willing to attempt.

So here’s some important parts of simple analysis you can do overtime:
  • Calculate the amount of activities done by group method. Either online or off-line
  • How much time did you spend in each group activity this might be extremely surprising to you, remember don’t just count the time of the actual event or meeting. Calculate the amount of time at preparation, travel, and meditation on the project. Calculating this additional time might surprise you and your total networking time spent.
  • Calculate the number of new referrals you received from each networking event. Remember these are real targeted prospects that have been Funneled to you through your networking endeavors.
  • Calculate the number of referrals received from each networking event. You need to include whether each of these are new sign-ups or ones that have been upgraded through your network, if you find out that the pool of contacts upgraded then it could be a red flag meaning that your pool is not very deep or relevant to your marketing strategy.
  • Calculate the total number of sales you made from each event. The actual total number of transactions you completed.
  • Your total net volume of sales from each event after being apportioned out by each event source.
  • How many direct visits did you have do your website this can be calculated by using Google analytics it will tell you exactly how many people actually type in your website address and their browser.
  • Also you need to calculate how many visits your website received from social networking contacts again Google analytics can break down the visits to your site that receives from social media. This will really be helpful for you to calculate all those tweets and Facebook posts and how they are generating  traffic to your website.

How often should you use analytic’s to track performance?

This can be determined by how active your network marketing business is on a daily basis if it’s a small business checking your sales and results can be achieved every week or monthly. Minimum monthly analysis is usually enough for keeping things on track. After that you could analyze everything quarterly or even annually.

Don’t get too excited about your results right away.

It’s important to it void the temptation to expect networking events to have results immediately, or even within the immediate Quarter remember you’re looking for long-term trends in your network marketing business.

One example is that you conduct a certain number of networking events in a quarter and you generate a specific number of sales or prospects. don’t think that the events in this quarter our the exact ones that generated those results. Possibly the event you conducted 6 or even 12 months  ago  may have been responsible for generating the sales you made this quarter. So as you begin to track these statistics give at least 6 to 12 months before deciding on this or that networking event activity and if it’s working or not. It takes time to build and relationships, and the prospects you need to conduct your networking business.

Remember the activities that worked this year maybe totally irrelevant next year especially if your business has changed target markets.

One year I completely dropped two networking opportunities I was involved in because I no longer feel comfortable in their business, consequently these groups could no longer provide the type of prospects and Sales that could be used to grow my business. Making them in a irrelevant source to my networking opportunity.

It was a hard decision to make because I really did like the people in these networking groups and we were close friends. But when I conducted the analysis I was able to understand that the future of my network marketing business depended on letting go of these contacts for the new opportunities I was seeking.

A couple of important points to remember:
  • Remember not all referrals are good referrals and sometimes it can have a negative impact on you or the ones you refer them to.
  • It’s important to understand all networking events are not the same and they are not all equal in terms of sales and referral opportunities and it’s important to Calculate the popularity of each networking group and how they apply to your networking business.

I hope that these few points of network marketing information will help you and your marketing endeavors please leave a comment below. If you’re interested in receiving an exceptional high-class type of training please visit  recession profits you will be amazed at the instruction given!

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