Article Writing Can Be like a Back Link Builder, Giving You Free Back Links to Your Site?

Article writing can be a great way of getting a back link to your site consistently, boosting your ratings like a Google back link.

By submitting an article to a directory you are able to create a ton of links coming back to your site extremely fast. With over 500 different article directories on the Internet when you submit just one article to each one right away, bang you just created 500 different links back to your site.

Article writing is very easy to do just open an account with the article publisher like Ezine and Go Articles. Next go to the submit article button, and start writing, submit it, include a couple of links, and Woopa! you’re off creating a back link builder to your site.

Something that’s really helpful is there are lots of ways to automatically submit articles to hundreds of different sites all you need to do is go to Article submissions done professionally, and you’re done without wasting your time on them and with the most benefit to your site and full accountability to you. These programs will load articles to many different sites and all of them at the same time. Helping you to save time when it comes to getting your articles out and across all the different sites.

Interested in downloading your own articles to different directories here is a list of 500 directories that you can download to your desktop in a spreadsheet form, giving you the ability to submit your articles to as many sites as you would like

Want to go to a website that has over 800 Article Directories that you can submit.

Don’t wanna take the time to write the articles yourself. Then you can outsource the writing of your articles there’s lots of people out there willing to write for you for a small fee, giving you the opportunity to use your resources and valuable time doing something else.

So if you wrote 100 articles and submit them to 500 different sites you’ve just created 50,000 one way incoming links to your site. Do you think there will be another site competing with you having that many back links right off the bat? I doubt it in the best thing is they will be free back links. So what are you waiting for go out there and try it!

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  1. Hi just came across your site and i thank you for your article it was informative. I am curious about link building for my site too. Have you used the tool? If so is it good? If not then what is the best tool? Thank you.

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