How Does HTA´s “Project Breakthrough “System Work?

Project breakthrough what is it?

Project Breakthrough is a program developed by Vic Strizheus it’s a program to teach people how to generate online income using funnels and a variety of other tools. The brand-new program that really starts in February 2016, with huge potentials for people who stay the course in the program.

So how does project breakthrough function?

Project breakthrough is offered through high-traffic Academy as a special training program that’s absolutely free. And soon to be offered from a free website titled Project

Who is Vic Strizheus?

Let me tell you a little bit about Vic. In the last few years he shown many times to be a person very close to Internet marketing/sales generation. He is known for earning the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time in the network marketing industry. At one point he earned over $720,000.00 in just one month.
High-traffic Academy is his newest invention which offers several projects to leverage your network marketing abilities. It is full of network marketing information and specialty projects like Project Breakthrough. There are multiple videos on hundreds of network marketing strategies.
In 2012 the left empower network and started high-traffic Academy (HTA), and developed a subscription service for marketing training that has been very successful with many positive reviews since it began. The network marketing industry is driven by personalities that are extremely magnetic, and that’s exactly what thick is.

Are you interested in training?

That’s exactly what Project Breakthrough, it’s probably the highest educational product that delivers on its promise on the Internet today. If you’re interested in making money online. Not only does it instruct you how to earn money online as a network marketer, but it teaches you how to scale things up and earn for the rest of your life.
It’s interesting that Project Breakthrough is 100% FREE, yet guides you through a 14 day training program series that’s probably the most informative video series I have ever seen on the Internet. It’s amazing that a high-caliber type of training is completely FREE.
In this video series you’re allowed to look over Vic Strizheus shoulder while he takes you step-by-step in funnel development, email response development, landing page design, and implementation through traffic generation.

Vic Strizheus gives you strategy for success:

• Product selection
• How to Create a Campaign
• How to Set up a Sales Funnel
• How to Generate Traffic
• How to Convert This Traffic to Leads
• How to Develop Sales from the Leads
Before Vic gets you started in your first campaign, he helps you to build a campaign blueprint.

The blueprint he lays out the plan of action for your campaign starting with:

• What Product You’re Promoting
• The Top Three Product Benefits
• Who Is the Perfect Customer
• What the Biggest Challenge for the Prospect Is
• How My Product Solves the Challenge
• The Journey (mapping out from starting with no work through total success)
• Power Hook (where you lay out at least five headline points for your campaign)
• Five Resistible Benefits or five bullet points in the campaign
• A Call to Action
Once You’ve Written out your plan of action, you have a visual concept of how your marketing will move forward. Next Vic gives you a step-by-step handheld journey through that marketing plan. This is truly one of the most fantastic network marketing courses I have ever experienced online, the potential benefits are huge!

What Happens When You Sign up to Project Breakthrough?

As you sign up for Project Breakthrough you’re probably put into a funnel for half High Traffic Academy. The fact that you’re getting this 100% FREE makes it worthwhile. After going to the course myself I can tell you that if you use just a small part of this network marketing information and utilized it in your marketing plan the benefits for you will be huge!

After going through the Project Breakthrough course you will be invited to join high-traffic Academy. HTA is a high ticket program with the highest entry level point cost at close to $15,000, but you can also get in for as little as $197 a month, which is extremely inexpensive when you consider all the tools are included with your subscription.
If the successes that Vic has had in the past is an indicator of what Project Breakthrough and HTA can do for you, you are assured success.

My Recommendation:

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If you an entrepreneur searching for the newest training in network marketing information and how to increase sales get more leads and generate results, Project Breakthrough is definitely the best entry point to understand how to strategically position yourself in the online industry. I think it would be a mistake not to use project breakthrough training course!
If you’re interested in learning more about high-traffic Academy, Project Breakthrough or Vic Strizheus, then bookmark this site where we will share all the latest news to come.

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